Jordan: touching history

Year 2020 started with an interesting journey to a very interesting and controversial county – Jordan. We booked our flights to Aqaba, a resort city in the South of Jordan. However, it was obvious that we won’t spend our time relaxing by the sea, as the country itself is the greatest historical monument.

The first thing we did after the arrival – ordered excursion in a local agency. We bought three of them – to Wadi Rum desert, to Dead Sea and to Petra, of course. Then, we tried to explore Aqaba a little bit and came to the conclusion that if you’re not a fan of seas and beaches then this city isn’t for you. Not so much to see, not so much to do, not really clean, not really safe. I wouldn’t recommend a woman to travel here alone. Attention is crazy even if the man is walking by your side.

Our first excursion was to a famous desert Wadi Rum. Red sand, lots of big rocks, looking a lot like Mars. Well, Hollywood directors thought the same, therefore the desert became a set for a variety of movies such as The Martian, The Star Wars, Lawrence of Arabia, Red Planet, Aladdin and many others.

January in the South of Jordan is very warm, the temperature was approximately 24-26 degrees during the daytime. However, in case you go somewhere in the North (like Wadi Rum or Petra), prepare your warm clothes! After the sun goes down, it gets really really cold. The desert is also an amazing place to meet the sunset and enjoy absolutely marvelous view on the starry sky.

Dead Sea in Jordan is another amazing experience. The water is warm, extremely salty and it will not let you down, like at all! It’s better not to stay in the sea more than 15 minutes, as it can affect your skin badly. If you follow the recommendations you can definitely feel a very pleasant sensation on your body. It’s also better to take a shower afterwards, but the choice is yours, you know.

The most amazing place in Jordan definitely was Petra. It’s impossible to describe what kind of impression you get after seeing this extraordinary ancient city. The biggest attraction is the temple approximately 34 meters height (even though it looks way smaller in the pictures), fully carved from the rock. In January it’s pretty cold in there, especially of you travel to Petra early in the morning to avoid crowds of tourists, but it helps to get the best pics!

Returning back to Aqaba. The best thing you can do in the red Sea is swimming, better with mask and flippers. That’s why we decided to take a ride on a small boat with a transparent bottom. If you’ve been to Egypt in Ras Mohammed, the sea life will not surprise you. However, Aqaba is growing fast a touristic place. Therefore, there are many attractions under the sea – a small ship, a tank and a real plane! They were flooded intentionally for divers. Interesting and at the same time frightening sight! But it’s definitely worth trying.

Now it’s time to tell something about food. Strolling along the pier, we found a very pleasant restaurant called Mirwas. Amazing service, extremely tasty food (huge portions and absolutely wonderful seafood dishes), great shisha and plus a stunning view to the sea with panoramic windows (meeting sunset in there is breathtaking)! Highly recommended.

In conclusion, I can say that Jordan turned out to be very strange. On the one hand, you have great attractions, ad on the other, there is not so much to do without them. Anyway, it was a great experience, but I think I won’t go there again in the nearest future.

Photo by Dmitry Rudnik

Text by Irina Kuzina