Alternative Berlin

There is no place like Berlin. Constant movement, thousands of people on the street, unique atmosphere and a great historic platform.


This is not our first time in this truly amazing city, therefore you won’t see typical pictures in there. Only unique photos taken on film.


Every our trip traditionally starts with a Free City Tour – a terrific way to see the city from a perspective of local residents, which is completely free! (you can leave some tips for the guide in the end, if you liked the excursion of course). In case you want to get some basic information about Berlin, to see the most significant places, get some advices about best restaurants and bars, then this tour is definitely for you

Another important thing to do is to visit the glass dome of The Reichstag. It’s completely free, if you register in advance on the official Reichstag website. Moreover, you can choose different options – regular tour, guided tour and a tour around the building and to the dom. The only problem there is the fact that you have to register a couple of months before the visit, because it’s really really popular (as most of free things)

The Berlin Wall is probably the most famous attraction of the city. Not that many people now that the actual wall and the East Side Gallery are actually different things. The first one is the memorial with a museum where you can learn more about the history. The second one is more like a competition of artists from all around the world, who try to turn the wall into some kind of installation. You can see there paintings, satire, manifests and many other things. Worth to notice, that street art has a truly special place in Berlin’s culture.

Berlin also is a great place for people who love not just street art, but the classical one as well. You can find there a whole museum island! All buildings there are designed in a classic architectural style and you can find there museums for any taste – Pergamon Museum, DDR History Museum, Computerspielemuseum and many others. In a different part of the city there is a Gemäldegalerie, in which you can find works of da Vinci, Caravaggio, Rembrandt and other old masters.

Nightlife in Berlin is another story! Every visitor has a large amount of options from fancy restaurants ending with open air bars. Last time we were just walking around the city, turned to one street and saw a bar by the river that looked sooo atmospheric. The most important thing about night Berlin is to walk more, then you can find absolutely unbelievable places!

Berlin is a fantastic city and it’s really complicated to write everything you want to share in one post. There is an abandoned airport called Tempelhofer, where you can ride a bike, Charlottenburg castle with an amazing park, a city of Potsdam with great views and even greater history, Berlin TV Tower that looks extremely futuristic and many many interesting and breathtaking places.

You can’t describe Berlin using words, it’s the city with an atmosphere of joy, friendliness, history and mostly important freedom!

Photo by Dmitry Rudnik

Text by Irina Kuzina